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With only a few days until Christmas, another devastating calamity struck the Philippines. Super Typhoon Odette came and went, taking with it the homes, livelihoods, and comfort of tens of thousands of Filipinos in Visayas.

As Zelle Eliz's new album, Abloom, comes out in a few weeks, it is of increasing importance that we open our hearts this holiday season to the victims of Odette. In the darkest of times, we should be the ones to shine a light and provide comfort, support, and hope to those who need it the most.

A part of the proceeds of Abloom will help fund the relief operations of those affected by Typhoon Odette. They will address their immediate needs, with hygiene kits, emergency shelter kits and more, that will help families get back on their feet. And in the spirit of Christmas, we will also be funding their Noche Buena dinners this year so that they may find some holiday cheer in spite of everything in the life.

May we be ABLOOM together, forever and evermore, this December and beyond - with this giftof love for those who may feel forgotten.


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