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Genre: Pop, Contemporary R&B, Dance,

             Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop

Years Active: 2020 to Present

Label: Zelle Eliz Music

Official Websites:


Zelle Eliz is an up and coming multifaceted artist of the new generation. Fresh on the scene with hit singles like A.O.N. (All or Nothing), Kaleidoscope Adventures, and That's Okay, she shows much promise with her own brand of music. 


Her vocals are the star of her music. They're brilliant, as smooth as velvet, and undeniably powerful. At the same time, the overall production of her singles only highlights her expertise in music but her passion in creating, producing and collaborating with different artists in the performing arts to explore ways to improve her craft, promote community awareness and give back to the world is the mission that inspired her to finally embark in this exciting  musical journey. 


Her simple approach to share her heart and soul through her songwriting and embrace her path in music to its fullest, is her unwavering faith in knowing anything is possible if you BELIEVE.

03 March 2023
Zelle Eliz  -World Vision Philippines Ambassador's Message
To listen and watch Zelle Eliz - the World Vision Philippines Ambassador's message, go to Music  & Video page.
Celebrities support World Vision in bringing hope during these difficult times
21 December 2021
New Straits Times #showbiz
#Showbiz: Zelle Eliz aids flood, typhoon victims with new album (
27 March 2021
The New Canadian Media Writeup on Zelle ELiz
26 March 2021
Celebrities support World Vision in bringing hope during these difficult times
22 March 2021
Zelle Eliz Collaboration with World Vision Organization for ABLOOM Music Album
Celebrities support World Vision in bringing hope during these difficult times 
World Vision Ambassadors Go All Out For “A Year of Firsts” Instagram Live Series 

14 February 2021
Zelle Eliz: ABLOOM for Love and Life 
Pre-Order CD Album Launch
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11 February 2021
Virtual Signing of MOA with World Vision Organization
Zelle Eliz: Abloom for Love and Life


Just a couple of months before the holidays, Super Typhoon Rolly (internationally known as

Typhoon Goni) sent shockwaves across the Philippines, uprooting the lives of thousands of

Filipinos in an instant. And though the country is known for its unyielding resiliency in the face of

tragedy, there’s no denying that the Christmas spirit wavered when Typhoon Ulysses

(internationally known as Typhoon Vamco), swept the nation no more than a few weeks later.

Natural calamities occur in the Philippines year round, and though city mayors and governors do

their best to beef up a city’s disaster risk reduction and management plan, there’s no preparing

for a tragedy that strikes in the middle of a global pandemic. With a nation already suffering

through collective trauma due to the unforgiving COVID-19, a typhoon could easily shatter

what’s left of the Filipino spirit.

Even now, three months after the onslaught of the two super typhoons, families in the provinces

of Albay, Catanduanes, Rizal, Cagayan and Isabela are still reeling from its effects. It’s become

particularly difficult to find sanctuary when the whole nation is still adjusting to the new normal.

And yet, in spite of everything, hope remains abloom.


Zelle Eliz is an up and coming artist of the new generation. Fresh on the scene with hit singles

like A. O. N., Kaleidoscope Adventures, and That’s Okay (available on Spotify and Youtube),

Zelle shows much promise for a girl her age. Her vocals are the star of her music. They’re

brilliant, as smooth as velvet, and undeniably powerful. At the same time, the overall production

of her singles only highlights her expertise in music. She knows her stuff.

But it’s not her skill that will propel her to fame. It’s her heart.

Though Zelle burns for a passion for music, it’s her unwavering faith, and love for her heritage

that sets her apart from everyone else.

When she learned about the disaster that struck the Philippines last November, Zelle was

distraught. As a proud half Pinay, her heart went out to her fellow countrymen who were

displaced by the two sister typhoons; and while she’s currently away from the Philippines

(currently based in Canada), she feels a strong urge to help the victims of Typhoon Rolly and

Ulysses. This connection is made stronger by the fact that Zelle is firmly grounded in her roots.

She is a Malaysian-Filipino, and longs to help other Filipinos in need, from thousands of miles



In the aftermath of a calamity as earth-shattering and as life-changing as the two typhoons,

most people aren’t expected to do anything more than survive. And yet Zelle understands how

difficult that can be. In particular, she gets how difficult school is for students like her. With most

classes switching to distance learning, education has become less accessible. In areas that

were flooded during Rolly and Ulysses, network connection would be unstable at best. Plenty of

children could potentially be left behind by a system that does not accommodate their needs.

Education is a right, and should be treated as such.

Zelle’s situation is very different from this. Miles away, she could be living a normal life as a

student. And yet she is still willing to go beyond her comfort zone in order to support others.

This is Filipino “bayanihan” (solidarity and cooperation) at its greatest.


Her benefit album, ABLOOM, set to release this spring, doesn’t just symbolize Zelle’s own

becoming as a woman or her introduction as a serious artist. It’s so much more than that. Zelle

is now abloom with the urge to do more, to become more, and to help others in the process.

With the help of the international humanitarian organization, World Vision, who have been

actively and ceaselessly helping the victims of Typhoon Rolly and Ulysses since November, she

aims to empower those in need by raising awareness for their cause, volunteering in their

outreach programs, and becoming a donor for the educational advancement of children who are

victims of natural calamities.

In this month of love, Zelle aims to continue to spread compassion. By blooming and releasing

ABLOOM, she helps others grow by extending her blessings and talents to those in need. It’s

philanthropy and generosity, coupled with gratitude for her people and the understanding of her

privilege. Simply put, ABLOOM is her gift of love to those forgotten and displaced.

To help the victims of Typhoon Rolly and Ulysses, and to support Zelle and World Vision’s

cause, pre-order Abloom this month of hearts as a gift of light and hope to your loved ones and

to the community in need. A part of her proceeds will go to World Vision’s relief drive for the

typhoon-affected families and children, where they provide them improved access to immediate

life-saving relief essentials.

Learn more about World Vision Philippines and their cause at   

Support Zelle by visiting her Spotify, Youtube
Pre-order Abloom CD through her Official Website

By Ica de Leon

11 February 2021

3 December 2020 - Spotify
Spotify for Artist - #2020ARTISTWRAPPED
11 September 2020 - New Straits Times
Zelle Eliz ABLOOM CD Cover for WV Phil.

Top Row From Left to Right

Mr Rommel Fuerte - National Dir of World Vision

Mr Jun Godornes - Resource Dev Director WV

Ms Zelle Eliz - Artist

Middle Row and Bottom Row from Left to Right

Ms Patsy Carillo - Donor Cultivation Specialist

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